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Life has become automated and everything we need is a button click away. Need clear skin, longer lashes? No problem. A date for Saturday night? Check. Need a photograph of a gopher eating cake? How about some video footage from a county fair? With a few key terms and the push of a button, you’ll have hundreds, if not thousands of options. This isn’t new. We’ve been a society of quick turn-around resources for a long time. We’ve seen photographers and illustrators, and even website developers struggle over the last several years as a result of on demand services such as istock, getty images, wix, square space, etc. In the clients mind these tools seem faster, cheaper, easier…. And they are. But better?

As a creative, I can’t help but wonder if copywriters and art directors aren’t the next to be outsourced by tech. Enter AI: By definition: (AI) Artificial Intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. It’s been integrated into the movies for decades, but slowly but surely we are seeing AI integrated into the daily agency life.

With automated “solutions”, clients lack that connectivity. That thing that makes them THEM. Rivet is all about connections and we address that thru every element of the creative process. But don’t take our word for it… we conducted a bit of an experiment. (as we often do)


Subject: write a short paragraph about companionship with dogs.


Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend, and for good reason. They provide us with unconditional love and loyalty, as well as a sense of companionship that cannot be matched by any other pet. Dogs also have the ability to lift our spirits when we’re feeling down, providing us with an emotional connection that helps us get through tough times. Additionally, they are excellent playmates and can help us stay active by going on walks or playing fetch. Having a dog around also encourages us to be more responsible and take better care of ourselves—we have to make sure we’re feeding them properly, taking them for regular vet checkups, and providing plenty of exercise. Dogs also provide us with a sense of purpose—they need our attention and love every day, which gives us an opportunity to focus on something other than our own problems. All in all, the companionship that dogs offer is truly invaluable.



The earliest memories of my childhood almost all revolve around our first family pet, a dog named Kapi. We adopted Kapi in the traditional way that pets were adopted back in the early 70s, which means one day he appeared on our doorstep and we took him in. He immediately became a part of our family. Our pack. Our ride-or-die to borrow a phrase from my 20-something year-old niece. Since that time I’ve experienced the unconditional love that only dog lovers experience many times, but it is never trivial. There is an unquantifiable pleasure experience the first time you see your dog run amok in an open field (extra credit if that open field is mostly mud) or the pleasure we feel when they specifically seek us out for a cuddle session. While there is a price to be paid for that unconditional love and any long-time dog person experiences this often, it is worth it to me. I’ll gladly ride that roller coaster of emotion each time, knowing how it will end (mostly in tears).

Maybe you prefer the factual version because you’ve never had a dog before and therefore can’t relate to this personal story. That’s fair. Heartfelt content has to resonate with the intended audience in order for it to be effective, whereas anyone can relate to the straight forward facts. (but that’s a lesson for another day)

Let’s take a look at how AI handles design:


Name: White Ladybug
Keywords: joy, magic, pleasure, happiness

Industry: Books

Again, AI offers a more “generic” approach. Using White Ladybug as an example, the AI output options are mostly type solutions, or icons unrelated to the industry. What was most interesting is that there were no solutions that incorporated an actual ladybug! Why? Is a ladybug too obvious for even AI? The cleverness of the chosen logo is that the ladybug character actually mimics the shape of a bookmark, resonating with that specific audience. AI can’t offer a solution like this because it is incapable of making this type of connection.

Successful creative requires insight. Instead AI looks to past examples. In the creative field we put aside things that have come before to invent something new. We are emotionally invested in the outcome. We want to challenge opinions, change behaviors, encourage purchases, or whatever the client initiative may entail and in order to be effective. Turns out, you gotta have heart.

Kellie Bambach is Creative Director at Rivet Brands. She’s spent most of her 25-year career proving that technology is just a tool and that strategic thinking is what sets great work apart.