Marketing Plan | Media Buying | Creative Development


A new and eager to grow attorney just leaving his first job at a recognized law firm sets out to develop a brand and niche of his own in a small midwest town. Not many people knew who he was and his goals were lofty, become the largest bankruptcy attorney in the market in five years.

His budget was small compared to the powerhouse firms who were already established in the market but he was willing to sacrifice early for the promises of long-term success.


We worked to develop a media buying strategy using broadcast television, local sports radio, and local news sponsorships to build frequency. After the first six months of the initial campaign had run, we developed a custom musical brand for all advertising platforms. The initial full-sing version of the campaign ran for three months and then we switched to a donut commercial to bring in more detailed information for the client. The high-frequency and local sponsorship schedules along with the musical branding connected the audience to the attorney on an emotional level. The creative sought to establish trust and acceptance prior to a prospect even picking up a phone, extremely important for a bankruptcy attorney.


The goals for the five-year plan were reached in less than three years. In two year, the attorney became the largest volume bankruptcy attorney in the market, beating his year one total by more than 190 cases. In year three, the client opened his first satellite office in a larger market in the state.