Small bug creates a big buzz


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Rivet’s challenge was to elevate the White Ladybug brand story to foster meaningful connections with its army of resellers and fans. At the time, disparate corporate and product line brand hierarchy created audience confusion and diminished brand awareness, even among long-time customers. A lackluster brand presence further exasperated this disconnect.


Rivet took a holistic approach to rehabilitating the White Ladybug brand. First, agency experts crafted an indelible brand framework around the idea of the “joy journey.” For kids at heart, White Ladybug’s new brand does more than help bookworms keep their place, it delivers joy with each page turned.

Then, we infused this joy into an fresh, fun brand identity, plus energetic store signage, a print catalog, and an e-commerce website. Now, White Ladybug delights book lovers and the retailers they frequent with a whimsical, entertaining, and beautiful brand backed by a disciplined, easy ordering process.


The impact of this rebrand has been a true delight for audiences and management. White Ladybug saw sales double over their previous catalog, and the buzz it has created for this business is shaking up the industry.