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A local agency supports children and families impacted by autism. They counted on Rivet to develop a community awareness campaign for April Autism Awareness Month. Instead of awareness though, the client identified that ASD families felt a lack of acceptance. With limited knowledge of the client’s brand and nonprofit budget constraints, Rivet developed a campaign that put autism in the spotlight in a vibrant, breakthrough way.


In focus group research conducted by Rivet, parents described what their children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) bring to their lives: pure love, innocence, authenticity, a sense of adventure, passion, and learning. The unique selling proposition of the campaign is: Celebrate different! Kids with ASD are different, and that’s okay. From there, the “Savor Our Differences” concept was developed.

“Variety is the spice of life.” Just as a spice cupboard gives us the means to add flavor and interest to our everyday experience, kids with ASD make the lives of their families better, richer, and sabroso (full of flavor). And the attention-grabbing creative perfectly captures this sentiment. When we accept kids who are different, we are rewarded too, and our experiences become more worth savoring.


Service inquiries for the month of April exceeded the performance of the previous six months combined. The client was able to hire more staff to meet the growing demand. This has translated into real-world help for kids. Additionally, Family Initiative served 2-1/2x more kids for summer camp versus previous year. And that’s truly a campaign success to savor.