I’m Tracy Crowell.

Brand Director

Part strategic, part creative, part explorer, and part beach bum. That’s me.

I started an advertising agency on a card table in my living room in Centerville, Utah. With time and the help of over 30 talented, eccentric, driven coworkers, we became one of Utah’s most prominent agencies.

Few advertising people carry the experience I have, nor the battle scars earned in gathering that experience. Advertising isn’t easy – life isn’t easy – yet after 35 years in the business, here I am. Still.

I’ve spearheaded campaigns for everything from international corporations to small local businesses. My favorite part of advertising? Helping companies find, understand, and exploit their differentiator. And that’s really what good marketing is – taking what makes you different and delivering it to your audience in a meaningful way.

Unquestionably, my favorite account, and the most meaningful and most difficult, has been to help create Utah’s tobacco prevention and cessation campaign and manage it for 17 years.

I’m reasonably smart, unapologetically honest (in a likable way), and pretty successful in helping clients become more successful.

And lastly, I’m a Parrothead who just wants to live happily ever after every now and then.

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Awards & Associations

  • Numerous American Advertising ADDY® Awards, including Best of Show and Judge’s Choice
  • Board of Utah/Idaho MS Society
  • Utah Cancer Society
  • Bilingual: English and Spanish

Industry Experience

  • Tourism – Cities, resorts
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, clinics, eyecare/surgeons, chiropractors
  • Automotive – Dealerships, rental agencies, tire dealers/service shops
  • Grocery – 16 locations
  • Air Charter
  • Retail
  • Educational – Universities, for-profit entities, international English language school          (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Social Causes – CDC projects, tobacco prevention and cessation, breast and colon        cancer, STD education, binge drinking, suicide awareness, caregiver education,             Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Restaurant/Dining, QSR’s
  • Professional – Lawyers, accounting associations, insurance groups
  • Commercial and residential developers
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Political
  • Manufacturing
  • High-tech
  • Liquor/Adult Beverage Industry